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Author Topic: Air Cool Tube Hood Reflector for Hydroponics on sale at Hydro2Go with shipping!  (Read 546 times)


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Yield Lab Air Cool Tube Hood Reflector for Hydroponics
Our Yield Lab Air Cool Tube Hood offers your garden all the power of a cool tube with the coverage and power of a cool hood! Compatible with any size bulb, this reflector is a breeze to set up and even easier to use, with 6" exhaust ports for ventilation to make use as safe as possible. Whether you're running a 400w, 600w, or 1000w ballast, just plug in this reflector and rejuvenate your grow today!

6" Yield Lab Air Cooled Tube Hood Reflector:
*Warranty: 3 year
*Galvanized steel with white powder coating so it will never rust
*6” Exhaust ports for ducting and air ventilation
*High temperature resistance
*Max airflow and cooling
*Built-in lamp socket
*Pre-wired 15ft. cable for plug and play
*Aluminum reflectivity 90%
*Hood Dimensions: 21" (L) x 22" (W) x 5.5"
*Cool Tube Dimensions: 25" (L) with 6" Air Cool Ports

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