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Author Topic: Air Cool Tube Reflectors for Hydroponics on sale at Hydro2Go with free shipping!  (Read 598 times)


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Yield Lab Air Cool Tube Reflector for Hydroponics
The Yield Lab Air Cooled Tube Reflector is a favorite among growers because of its compact size, light coverage, and air cooled design. Whether you're running a single cool tube or many at the same time, all you need is some ducting and a couple of fans to cool your light and help prevent excess heat throughout your garden. Despite its size, the cool tube's reflective surface and glass design give your 1000w, 600w, or 400w bulbs a wide coverage area without sacrificing the strength of your light.

6" Yield Lab Air Cooled Tube Reflector:
*Warranty: 3 year
*Galvanized steel with white powder coating so it will never rust
*High temperature resistance
Max airflow and cooling
*Built-in lamp socket
*Pre-wired 15ft. cable for plug and play
*Aluminum reflectivity 90%
*25" L w/ 6" Air Cool Port

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