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Grow2O Water Purification Systems for Hydroponics
GrowriteUSA Grow2O purification systems remove the impurities and toxins from your water supply while leaving your water balanced, with naturally occurring minerals, and ready for gardening. Compare this with RO technology which wastes 3-5 gallons of water for every gallon created, requires electricity, and most importantly strips the water bare of any minerals. This stripped, unbalanced water becomes very aggressive and seeks to replenish its own vitality by leeching minerals from the nearest substance, namely the very plants you are trying to protect.

The best water for any type of gardening is purified and filtered natural water using a technology that protects the mineral balance of your plants.The most important step you can take to maximize your plant growth, besides choosing the right strains of plants and the proper equipment for indoor gardening, is to know and protect your water supply! Grow2O systems will address all disinfection products and bi-products, herbicides and pesticides, organic and inorganic contaminants, hardness, TDS, and help to balance the PH, all without removing the natural minerals. Grow2O systems can also be customized to your specific water supply if test results are submitted. Contact GrowriteUSA today for more information.

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