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NodorPucks for Hydroponics
NodorPucks offer clean air scrubbing with no additional ventilation piping or connections required. With its easy installation and straightforward design GrowriteUSA NodorPucks provide unbelievable air purification and eliminate 100% of odors derived from indoor gardening. The advanced technology of NodorPucks' 3-stage mineral system makes them superior to carbon only systems. Simply place your NodorPuck in any outflow air duct and enjoy advanced odor protection. GrowriteUSA NodorPucks are designed for use in controlled environments where the odor removal/air exchange fan is not responsible for temperature regulations, though some have success in these situations. NodorPucks will reduce your total CFM by 30-40% when installed on the inlet side of your fan and 65-75% when installed on the outlet side of your fan. Keep this in mind when choosing your fan and refer to the linked installation PDF for detailed diagrams.
Available in standard sizes of: 6 1/8inch, 8 1/8inch

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