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Author Topic: Portable NodorScrubber for Hydroponics on sale at Hydro2Go w/free shipping!  (Read 578 times)


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Portable Electric NodorScrubber for Hydroponics
Portable Electric NodorScrubber is a scrubber and fan combined in a sleek plug-in package. Loaded with GrowriteUSA’s reticulated Nodor mineral combination, this unit is great for any clipping room, grow room or any operation that needs air recirculation and odor removal. The portable electric NodorScrubber easily opens by simply pressing on the front cage for easy filter replacements. The unit also comes with a washable pre filter to keep the pollen and dust from fouling the NodorFilter. Ready for use right out of the box! Plug in and enjoy clean, fresh odorless air recirculation!

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