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Author Topic: Umbrella Reflector for Hydroponics on sale at Hydro2Go with free shipping!  (Read 586 times)


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Yield Lab Umbrella Reflector for Hydroponics
Looking for a little more light coverage for your garden? With our Yield Lab Umbrella Reflector, your coverage area just got wider! Forget that tiny reflector, with the Umbrella's whopping 40" diameter you can let your plants breathe and give them more space than ever. This Umbrella works with 400w, 600w, and 1000w ballasts and bulbs, so stop cramming those plants together and pick up an Umbrella reflector!

Yield Lab Umbrella Reflector:
*Warranty: 3 year
*Anodized aluminum with white finishing
*Adjustable socket allowed all bulbs placed in the middle
*White powder coated on the support board so it will never get rusted
*Easy assembly
*Restrike bend above the bulb offer optimum performance
*Dimensions: 40in.(L) x 31.5in.(W) x 9in.(H)

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