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Pondmaster UV Clarifiers are high quality units at an economical price and ideal for Koi ponds and water gardens. Sterilize and clarify the water in your pond with the Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet (UV) Clarifier. This submersible unit possesses a unique vortex flow design that increases the water contact time with the ultraviolet light while the slim diameter lamp allows the water to get closer to the intense ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet light in this unit effectively controls water borne algae and prevents the spread of disease by killing bacteria. The two glowing monitor halo rings are visible from every angle and the halos immediately show that the unit is working.

This unit is submersible, but its black color makes it unobtrusive whether it is used in or out of the water. When used as a clarifier to clear green water, this unit is suitable for medium ponds up to 3000 gallons using pumps up to 1800 gph. When used as a sterilizer to kill bacteria, this unit will produce the best results in small ponds up to 1000 gallons using pumps up to 500 gph. The Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier comes complete with a 9000 hour 20 Watt lamp, a watertight quartz sleeve, and a transformer and 18' grounded power cord. UL listed.

*Pondmaster UV Clarifier 10-Watt suitable for 1,500 gallon ponds, maximum flow rate of 700 GPH.
*Pondmaster UV Clarifier 20-watt suitable for 3,000 gallon ponds, maximum flow rate of 1,800 GPH.
*Pondmaster UV Clarifier 40-watt suitable for 6,000 gallon ponds, maximum flow rate of 3,000 GPH.

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