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Author Topic: 800 Gallon Turtle & Goldfish Pond - Victorville, California  (Read 10992 times)


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800 Gallon Turtle & Goldfish Pond - Victorville, California
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:21:45 PM »
This is a photo of our 800 gallon backyard pond.  This pond was designed specifically to provide a suitable home for our aquatic turtles and goldfish.  Filtration is provided by a DIY pond filter constructed using a blue 55-gallon barrel filled with Matala Filter Media rolls.  The filter is powered by an Anjon Big Frog Pump 3000GPH.  While we do not have a UV installed on this pond, the water remains surprisingly clear thanks to the great job done by the Matala.  A plexiglass fence was placed around this pond to help keep the turtles from wandering into our other ponds. 

Construction photos for this pond are available in the Pond Construction section... ;)